Never Say There Is Nothing Because There Is Everything

Do you know a simplest maths formula can turn into a giant formula? Ok let’s see.

We know 1+(-1)=0 , 2+(-2)=0 , so on.

So from this equation we can tell , if a paricle and a antiparticle combine, they will annihilate themselves leaving result nothing (i.e. zero). 

Now again, we can write 0=1+(-1), 0=2+(-2), 0=x+(-x)… so on. So we can say nothing is sum of two equal and opposite in nature’s particle or energy or charge. 

So we can write also, 

0=1+(-1)+2+(-2)+3+(-3)+…+x+(-x) where 0<x<infinite.

So we can say zero is a combination of multiple particle and antiparticle.

This is the hypothesis of physics, on which i am currently focusing.


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